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Ric began working with his father over 40 years ago and learned about the pond business from a very young age.

Back in the day, ponds were constructed by dredging with draglines, and dozers were used to push the excavated material to create rolling berms and for fine grading.

Over the years various pieces of equipment were introduced ie: Long Reach and Short Stick Excavators, Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, Loaders, smaller Dozers, Scrapers and an array of hauling equipment from Volvo’s to Quad tracks to Yanmar Dump Buggy’s and Prinoth Panthers.

Ric purchased the company from his father in 1998 and far exceeded his expectations by branching out into more refined applications, from swimming ponds with stunning rock ledges, natural ponds, lined ponds, hilly berms, cascading waterfalls, sandy beaches, beautiful rock/stone walls, large natural stone patios, walkways, retaining walls, mulched trails, tree planting, large landscape etc.

Ric and his wife Dina of over 25 years formed a new company called Wilson Ponds Inc. and continue to excel in this highly specialized field. Whether you are looking to have an existing pond cleaned out, a new pond or are looking to have your property redesigned, Wilson Ponds Inc. is the place to call.