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WILSON PONDS has the expert knowledge to tackle diverse landscaping projects of various scales. With a strong sense of design and attention to detail, our fresh and progressive landscape ideas will allow your vision to become a reality.

Projects: PAST & PRESENT


Services: For Every Out Door Project

Swimming Ponds & Large Landscape

Natural ponds suited for activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, etc. Shaping and contouring the property for both functionality and esthetics.
For more information about Swimming Ponds & Large Landscape services,
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Cascading Stone Waterfalls

Custom waterfalls of any size, either flowing into your pond or having it flow down a meandering creek.
For more information about Cascading Stone Waterfall services,
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Beautiful Rock / Stone Walls & Retaining Walls

Beautiful Rock / Stone Walls & Retaining Walls. Variety of styles and sizes to suit your vision.
For more information about Beautiful Rock / Stone Walls & Retaining Wall services,
Contact Wilson Ponds.

Large Natural Stone Patios & Mulched Trails

Large natural stone patios & mulched trails. Natural flagstone patios or firepits. For your walking needs to keep you one with nature around you.
For more information about Large Natural Stone Patios & Mulched Trails services,
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You can’t truly begin to appreciate the value of what Wilson Ponds offers, until you watch the detailed work and precision that goes into making one of their ponds and then left to gaze in awe at the final product. There is no doubt the pond built has added value to the property and well worth the family investment.

I can’t thank Wilson Ponds enough for the effort and time they took to work with us in digging out the pond to the shape and size that would best suit our needs. Their great Crew are highly skilled individuals and I thank them for overseeing the lining of a quarter acre pond and laying the armour stone around the edges. Guests cannot believe how tight together they were able to lay the armour stones.

Above all it was a pleasure dealing with Wilson Ponds and their Crew all of whom in their own way are characters and a pleasure to be around. My family and I wish Wilson Ponds and their Crew all the best in the future.”

Wilson Ponds

Miles Backhouse
Happy Customer

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